Check Out This Cow’s Lovely Reaction When Women In The Car Gave Her a Pickle... LOL

One of the things that never cease to amaze us, is the reaction of different animals when we have close encounters with them. The following video clip that features one friendly cow, is an awesome example of this…

What we have here is a small group of ladies, driving along in their car, who had decided to share their ‘tasty snack’ with a cute brown cow. But when the car got close to the car, her reaction was much closer and personal that they ever expected it to be.

The animal poked its head right through the open window of the car and gave one of the ladies a huge kiss, which made the other passengers in the car to burst out in laughs.

The most interesting and funny thing about this video is that the woman in the passenger seat is clearly trying to get away from the cow, but it turns out that it is literally impossible to get away, and the cow gives her wet licks on her face.

Maybe it does not sound that funny reading about it, but when you’ll see the whole thing yourself, I believe that your reaction will be just as hysterical as the woman’s friends. Check it out!

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