Watch This Old Dog Playing Mind Tricks On The Puppy! Superfunny...

I know that I’m not going to discover the fire if say that pets can be hysterically funny and can even bring tears of joy to our eyes. That is why we love watching them play with themselves and doing their thing. It is also a reason why we keep on showing you videos with them, doing foolish stuff. It is one of the best ways to start your day with positive vibes.

Today we have prepared you a clip with two dogs playing in the snow, a big one and a puppy. The bigger one enjoys pulling a fast one on the younger one.

It seems that the pup is so amazed by all that snow around him (probably seeing it for the very first time in his life), and he is so keen to be chased. But the big one already knows the deal and has more experience and starts pulling his leg.

Just watch the whole thing yourself. I’m sure that you are going to enjoy every part of this hysterically funny dog’s play.

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