Pushing A Paper Towel Roll Thru Car Window, She Shows Simple Life-Saving Trick To Know...

Technological advances in the automobile industry have made our lives a lot easier. We now have access to built-in video screens, keyless ignitions, and cars that can automatically text people, so that we're not looking down at our phones while we're driving.

However, every new invention comes with a host of unforeseen problems. Car manufacturers do their best to make sure their vehicles are safe, but hidden dangers still exist.

Sadly, that's taken the lives of little ones and their family members. Janette Fennell, president of the 'Kids and Cars' safety organization, is sharing her little-known car safety tips, in the hopes that it will keep you and your family out of harm's way.


These days, new cars are super efficient, which in turn makes them whisper quiet. They also come equipped with all sorts of neat "futuristic" features, like the keyless push-button ignition. 

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