This is What You Call Spending A Quality Time! Watch This Baby and Husky Playing...

I know that the phrase itself is maybe a little bit lame, or a cliché, but once you see these two playing with each other, you will forget about it and see what an outstanding ‘performance’ it is. And not just that, but another proof that dogs are not just man’s best friends, but also baby’s.

We have all seen numerous clip with kids (or babies) playing with their puppies in a peaceful manner, which is always something that is putting a big smile on our faces and fulfills us with positive vibes. Therefore, even though we are neither canine, nor baby experts, we are coming to a conclusion that the first contact should always be relaxed and peaceful, so that the dog would get into the ‘groove’.

And this 7-month old baby in the video below, is like a perfect example of how to create a perfect dog-baby bond and interaction. Just watch it and you will see what I’m talking about. Absolutely awesome! 

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